Menstrual cramps cause painful periods for many women. Learn how to cope with menstrual cramps through self help tips and advice.
Can Certain Foods Help Menstrual Cramps Photo Credit Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images. If you suffer from cramps during your period, or just before ...
Does taking calcium help menstrual cramps? yes. The cramps do not fully go away, but they are less painful ! What can you do to help menstrual cramps during your period?
Do bananas help menstrual cramps? Yes, well for me they do. it depends if the cramps are are very very bad or if you eat bannans alot. What can help menstrual cramps?
Regular exercise can help relieve the severity of menstrual cramps. A heating pad placed over the low back or a warm bath may also help menstrual cramps. You may
What foods help when you have cramps? Fruits: banana's , pineapples , apples , and grapes Foods: anything greasy or hot like chicken. Does flexeril help menstrual cramps?
[Jun 29, 2009] Best Answer: Panadol. Heals in 20 minutes. As far as I know, no side effects. ... Hello, I'm a doctor. Use Ponstel. I think that you want to get more info ... ~ by close ( 7 comments )
Natural Ways to Relieve Menstrual Cramps. Menstrual cramps plague women of all ages before and during their menstrual cycle. Cramping, pulling and pain in the lower ...
Best Answer: Some of this might sound odd, but I've had nearly 20 years of painful periods to deal with. Ibuprofen is good, as an anti-inflammatory it will slow down ...
Pineapple juice. Menstrual cramps are caused by uterine contractions that help the body shed the uterine lining. The enzyme bromelain in pineapple juice and fresh ...
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