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Jul 29, 2007 · Motrin IB has Ibuprofen in it, just so you know. Ibuprofen is best for menstrual cramps because it is a mild muscle relaxant, and menstrual cramps are ...
Apr 27, 2010 · I'm 20 years old, 5'2, and weigh 125 lbs. I get some pretty painful menstrual cramps and usually take 800 mg of Ibuprofen every 4 hours when I am on my ...
Menstrual cramps — Comprehensive overview covers causes, treatment and self-care tips for getting relief.
Which is better for Menstrual Cramps: Aspirin or Ibuprofen?
Massage your lower back and abdomen. Women who exercise regularly often have less menstrual pain. To help prevent cramps, make exercise a part of your weekly routine.
Which is better for Menstrual Cramps: Ibuprofen or Tylenol?
Common Questions and Answers about Ibuprofen dosage menstrual cramps. ibuprofen. I take more than the recommended dosage of Ibuprofen once a month for menstrual cramps.
I am a type 1 diabetic and take 800 mg ibuprofen to get through my horribly painful period and cramps. As long as you do not take over 800mg in a 4-6 hour perio...
Life, it seems, is polarized: you can be democratic or republican, Apple or PC, Leno or Conan, and for pain meds, Advil or Tylenol.
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