May 28, 2014 · Perimenopause is the transitional period women undergo between fertility and menopause. Hormone levels fluctuate, according to the Mayo Clinic, and you ...
During perimenopause, the tendency toward cramping may worsen because of hormonal imbalance and the conditions associated with it, such as fibroids and adenomyosis.
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There are a couple of different theories about why women experience cramps during perimenopause, but they're both linked to estrogen surges. Surprised?
I am going to be 50 this year and have probably been going through perimenopause for about five years now. I get the cramping with no bleeding too.
Belly cramps are most likely to occur in the first stage or first year of menopause but it can go on indefinitely, according to Beauty-and-the bath.com.
Women in midlife increasingly hear the words “estrogen deficiency” spoken as the ultimate in bad news. “Everyone knows” that low estrogen levels cause heart ...
Perimenopause encompasses the years leading up to menopause — anywhere from two to eight years — plus the first year after your final period.
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Perimenopause—the transition from reproductive adulthood to menopause (1 year after the last menstruation) is called perimenopause.
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